Saints Basketball promotes, recruits, and places high character student athletes at colleges of all levels nationwide. While some AAU programs have a notorious reputation for over-promising and under- delivering, we pledge to remain candid and transparent throughout the process. Playing NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA D1, D2 , NCCAA D1, D2 or USCAA D1 & D2 is a BLESSING.  The journey has no guarantees but with our College Recruiting Service partners, AAU Club Team and Skills Academy, we are focused on helping student athletes fulfill their dreams.

We do not sell an NBA dream or cater to the D1 or bust athlete and families. We do not play mommy or Daddy ball. We do not us social media to glorify our coaches or the program.

Rather,  I challenge my like minded athletes to pursue the goal of an education and to use God given talents to make a way.  My roles a coach is to help them achieve their goals by mentoring, developing and challenging all my student athletes.

Coach Phil Williams –Luke 22:26

I have been blessed to coach all of the athletes. I know my role is to provide a service to my athletes if it for a season or for multiple seasons.  My role is to coach. The student athletes belong to God and their parents. I thank him for trusting me to guide so many.

Class of 2017